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Big E tried to 'make some noise' to face Goldberg at WWE Crown Jewel


If he had his way, WWE Champion Big E would have faced Goldberg at October's Crown Jewel pay-per-view, he says. 

In an interview with Sportsnet, Big E states that facing his childhood idol would have been a "full circle" deal. 

"I was trying to make some noise for this Goldberg match at Crown Jewel, but that clearly [didn’t happen]," Big E said. "It would have been really full circle. He was my childhood hero and idol, and I’ve spoken effusively about that."

For his part, Goldberg has made it clear that a match with Big E is something he has interest in. 

“Big E could bring stuff out of me that I’d want to do just to make Big E proud of me, right?" Goldberg said on an edition of WWE's The Bump in April 2021. 

“So the story goes with Big E and I, that the only match I was ever late for, or I ever missed in WCW, was a match that I called in and told them I couldn’t catch the plane because I was at a signing and I had to stay until everyone was taken care of. Big E was one of the kids I stayed for, okay?" Goldberg said. "So, I will never forget his face, I’ll never forget that day."

“So, getting in the ring with him would be a different situation but it’d be really cool in its own way.”

Goldberg reportedly has one match left on a WWE deal that may extend through 2022 or 2023, though there are conflicting reports as to the details of the deal. The WWE Hall of Famer turns 55 in December. 

(h/t to TalkSport for transcription)