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Big Show vs. Kane street fight main events WWE Cardiff, Wales house show

Kane vs. Big Show

Submitted by Ross Owen Williams

- Ric Flair out to start with a basic 'hello Wales' promo and wave at the nice people. Nice work if you can get it!

- Dudleys over WWE Tag Team Champions New Day (all three) in a handicap tables match. Fine. Short. Xavier took the plunge. 

- Cesaro over Miz. Cesaro was actually, probably the most popular guy of the night, close call between him and Dolph. Plenty of Cesaro section signs. Obviously not connecting still. Really good match actually, my favorite of the night. 31 second swing and sharpshooter finish. 

- Miz whined. R-Truth came out and beat him in seconds. 

- Becky Lynch over Brie Bella. Not good. Becky seemed lost and her offense was weak, especially leg drops that weren't even coming close to connecting.

- Curtis Axel over Bo Dallas. Yep, you read that. As rubbish as you'd expect.

- Dolph Ziggler over Tyler Breeze with a superkick and zig zag. Long match but very good towards the end. Great false finish with all the kids rushing the barrier as Tyler kicked out of the first zig zag.

- WWE Divas Champion Charlotte over Paige via Figure 8. Paige was cheered but they didn't flip roles. Better than the other women's match but still lackluster. I just can't get into Paige, she seems so confused about who and what she is. Audience wasn't that interested. 

- Finn Balor over Sheamus, sunset flip out of the high cross. Good final five minutes but the first 10 was pretty much a slaughter. Sheamus gave him nothing and the lack of hope spots made for a very subdued audience. Good pop for the Balor win, nobody seemed to expect that. 

- Kane over Big Show in a street fight after a choke slam off the top through a table. Insane bump for Show at his size and age. Dull match though, crowd weren't really feeling it. Tyler vs. Dolph would have better to close with. We want Cena/Cena Sucks chants during the main event! 


- Great efforts by Cesaro, Miz and Dolph.

- Enjoyable show though it didn't really feel enough effort was made to replace Seth Rollins. Tricky, I appreciate, but given he was the top guy on the bill, replacing him with Show (which is how they presented it despite Show having already been advertised) didn't really feel good enough. They offered refunds during the first match but after driving a couple of hours with a couple of excited kids in tow, not an option!