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Bludgeon Brothers to debut on WWE SmackDown next week


After six weeks of vignettes, the Bludgeon Brothers are set to debut on SmackDown next Tuesday.

The final video hyping Luke Harper and Erick Rowan's return aired on last night's episode, with them saying: "I don't hear anything except for the scream. I can't feel anything except for the cracking of bones. Every hammer needs a nail to give it purpose. And our purpose is -- obliterate everyone. Harper. Rowan. Bludgeon Brothers."

In a post-SmackDown video, WWE set up a match between the Bludgeon Brothers and the Hype Bros for next week.

Harper and Rowan previously appeared for the first time since being repackaged at SmackDown's European tour show in Ireland. They were wearing new red and black gear and had a new theme song but went back to their old attire and song later in the tour.

Next week's SmackDown will be the first post-Survivor Series edition of the show. In addition to fallout from that pay-per-view, SmackDown will start building to their December 17th Clash of Champions event.

Watch the final Bludgeon Brothers vignette below: