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Bret Hart on Vince McMahon's WWE retirement: 'I feel kind of sad about it'

Hart said McMahon will be "sorely missed."
Bret Hart

Bret Hart says Vince McMahon will be "sorely missed" following his retirement from WWE. 

Hart was interviewed by Bill Apter at The Gathering Wrestling Convention and was asked about his reaction to McMahon's departure. 

"I'm like everybody else, I'm mostly just kind of surprised," Hart responded. "I don't think anybody's ever made as big a footprint as Vince McMahon and, you know, I feel kind of sad about it, actually. I know people probably think I would be gloating or happy to see him go through what he's going but I don't. I feel bad that it happened or whatever has happened. I think his loss or his absence from the business will be sorely missed."

Hart was in attendance at Ric Flair's Last Match at Starrcast V. He could be seen saying something to Flair after the main event. Hart was asked what he said to Flair as the pay-per-view was coming to a close. 

"I just congratulated him and let him know that I appreciated what he did and what he was trying to do."

"There are not too many guys that would have the guts to go in there and do what Ric Flair did and I admire that about it."

Hart was also asked what he thought of Flair's match on the show. 

"It wasn't a Bret Hart/Ric Flair match but that's what happens when a 73-year-old guy wrestles. So, it's not the easiest thing to do and I think everybody realized how hard it was for him to do that and in the end, I stand and I applaud him."