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Bret Hart only has merchandising deal with WWE

Recent reports suggested Hart had "quietly signed" a lucrative deal with the company.

The only contract Bret Hart has with WWE at the moment is a merchandising deal.

According to a report from our own Dave Meltzer, AEW was under the impression that Hart could not appear for them based on an agreement they believed he had with WWE. Hart has since said his only deal with WWE is for merchandise, however. 

"Bret Hart said that his only deal with WWE is a merchandising deal and not any other deal," Meltzer wrote in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.  

While AEW previously believed that Hart was not legally able to appear for them, it's now not clear if that is actually the case or not. 

"AEW was under the impression he could not appear for them due to his deal with WWE. We don’t have it clear whether Hart could legally appear on an AEW broadcast or not, past AEW believed he was not legally available to them."

As of last week, Hart had not been contacted by AEW about appearing at Double or Nothing for the finals of the Owen Hart Foundation tournament. Owen's widow, Dr. Martha Hart, will be on-hand for the show.