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Brian Christopher pronounced brain dead after suicide attempt


It's hard to report on the situation with Brian Lawler given the unique circumstances.

Lawler, 46, hung himself in his jail cell at the Hardeman County jail in Tennessee and was rushed to the hospital and put on life support. He was pronounced brain dead earlier this morning.

While a family friend said that the decision was made to pull him from life support and he has passed away, and others have said the same, Randy Hales and Bert Prentice, who are at the hospital, said that he was technically not dead and that the life support had not yet been pulled. Jerry Lawler was flying back from an appearance in Raleigh, NC.

Brian Lawler had been in jail since a July 7 DUI arrest that was reported, which included him not immediately surrendering to police. He was held on $40,000 bond and bond wasn't posted to release him.

His father and a family friend had been working on getting him to a rehab center but Brian Lawler didn't know when he was going to be released from prison.

Lawler, who started wrestling under a mask at the age of 16, was a major star in Tennessee as "Too Sexy" Brian Chrstopher, since Jerry Lawler didn't want to be seen publicly as someone old enough to have a son wrestling, thinking it would age him in the eyes of the public. While well known in wrestling, it wasn't until Paul Heyman mentioned it on Raw that it was ever publicly acknowledged.

He was best known as part of "Too Cool," a three-man crew who were a strong undercard act in the Attitude era, with Scott Garland as Scotty 2 Hotty, himself and Rikishi.

He had a number of arrests over the years and had drug and alcohol issues dating back decades. He had stints in rehab in the past and had periods where he was clean, but they never lasted.

His most recent DUI was his third, and his life had spiralled out of control in recent years.

During the last years of the USWA, he and Jerry Lawler were its two key singles stars, and he held the USWA championship on 26 different occasions, as well as the WWE tag titles with Scotty 2 Hotty.