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Brock Lesnar fined $500 by Raw's Stephanie McMahon


Stephanie McMahon promised that there would be repercussions for Brock Lesnar after he bloodied Randy Orton and laid out Shane McMahon at the end of SummerSlam, but Lesnar’s on-screen punishment won’t be too severe.

It was announced on Tuesday night’s SmackDown pre-show that Stephanie had fined Lesnar $500 for his actions at SummerSlam.

The relatively insignificant storyline punishment seems like it’s intended to further the tensions between the Raw and SmackDown brands, as well as increase conflict between the McMahon siblings.

Lesnar defeated Orton by TKO at SummerSlam after delivering stiff strikes to Orton’s forehead. Orton required 10 staples to close the gash that Lesnar had opened, and Lesnar hit an F5 on Shane after the match.

The match was the only interpromotional encounter at WWE’s biggest event of the summer, and it had been used as a point of conflict in the build to SummerSlam as both Lesnar and Orton made cross-brand appearances.