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Brock Lesnar to return on next week's WWE SmackDown


The suspension of Brock Lesnar has been lifted, and will be on next week’s SmackDown.

The main event of SmackDown had Sami Zayn win what was called a Black Friday Battle Royal, where the winner would get a WWE Universal title shot. Kayla Braxton was set to interview Zayn about his win when she received news in her earpiece. She then confirmed that Lesnar’s suspension was lifted and would be on SmackDown next week. Backstage, Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman were stunned by the news, with The Usos staring directly at Heyman.

The idea that Lesnar’s suspension may be lifted started at Survivor Series, when Braxton asked Heyman about the rumor. He dismissed it, which led to tonight’s SmackDown, where again he was asked about the suspension. Both he and Roman Reigns were dismissive of the rumor, with Heyman accusing Braxton of not sourcing her information.

Zayn won the battle royal after an unassuming Jeff Hardy was dumped as he was celebrating in the ring, unaware that Zayn was never eliminated and was recovering outside of ring during the final moments of the match.