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Brock Lesnar still scheduled for WWE house show this weekend


Following the angle from Monday’s Raw, Brock Lesnar will still be making his advertised appearances.

Paul Heyman tweeted this afternoon that Lesnar will be at the United Center in Chicago this Saturday night as part of a WWE Raw house show.

WWE did a story on Raw this past Monday where Roman Reigns came out to do a promo, but then “went off script” and talked about how Lesnar wasn’t there for a scheduled confrontation and didn’t care about anyone but himself, even bringing up a picture he took with Dana White over the weekend. The idea is that Reigns will be portrayed as a babyface that cares about WWE and its fans while Lesnar is only interested in himself.

Lesnar’s contract is coming up later this year and, much like three years ago, he's teasing a possible return to the UFC. He fought at UFC 200 back in 2016 and won his fight over Mark Hunt, but that decision was eventually overturned after Lesnar failed a drug test. Lesnar would still have to finish a one-year suspension from USADA before he could fight again.