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Carmella, Tatum Paxley suffer possible injuries at WWE house shows

Both wrestlers suffered apparent injuries over the weekend.

Both Carmella and Tatum Paxley may have suffered injuries on WWE house shows this weekend. 

Social media posts from fans at Saturday's show in North Charleston are stating that Carmella hit her head and was unable to continue her match against Bianca Belair and Asuka. 

"OH NO!! they threw up the x for carmella, she got hit in the head in the corner when bianca tried to back flip over her," wrote @Sashasliv on Twitter. 

"She got up on her own to walk away which is good, but they were like shielding her eyes from the bright lights," reads a follow-up post. 

WWE also held an NXT house show in Gainesville, Florida on Saturday. Social media posts from those in attendance are stating Paxley's match against Sloane Jacobs was stopped early after Paxley was unable to continue. She is believed to have hit her face on the ring post after taking a kick to the head. 

Paxley would later post, "Thank you everyone for reaching out and checking in! I’ll be ok! Accidents like these happen all the time in what we do. Plus getting blood everywhere is super heavy metal."