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Charlotte Flair vs. Naomi rematch set for next week's WWE SmackDown

Thanks to Adam Pearce, Naomi will get a second shot at Charlotte Flair on next week's show.


A rematch between Charlotte Flair and Naomi is set for next week’s SmackDown.

The match was made tonight via a backstage segment. After Sonya Deville had berated Naomi earlier in the show, Deville was seen removing her jacket due to the heat inside her and Adam Pearce's office. Naomi, bringing up what Deville said about being untouchable as long as she had the jacket on, confronted her until Pearce stepped in.

After Naomi brought up that Deville had changed the rules during her match last week against Charlotte, Pearce agreed with Naomi and set the rematch for next week’s SmackDown.

Naomi and Deville have been feuding over the course of the last few months, with Deville continuously targeting Naomi for reasons that have not been made clear. Last week’s match had Naomi originally defeat Charlotte Flair by count out, but Deville came out and changed it to a no count out, and later no DQ match. Charlotte eventually picked up the win with announcers saying Naomi should have won by DQ.