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Chelsea Green on nixed WWE creative plans, getting released


In a new interview, Chelsea Green described her experiences with WWE creative, a long meeting she had with Vince McMahon and finding out when she was released last week.

Green told Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful that she was surprised by her release as she had been waiting for a return since breaking her wrist in a Survivor Series qualifying match last year on SmackDown in her main roster debut.

“I actually was totally shocked, not going to lie,” she said. “I was totally shocked. I understand it...I wasn't used. When I was used, I broke my arm. So, I was definitely shocked.”

She noted that she didn’t go to WrestleMania 37 due to COVID-19 restrictions, but had been planning on going to SmackDown this past Friday prior to the releases that took place Thursday afternoon.

She had been called up from NXT in late 2019, but was not used on television for months. A number of ideas had popped up, including being Charlotte Flair’s protege, a “Pussycat Dolls meets Charlie’s Angels” group with Vanessa Borne and Santana Garrett, and a storyline where she would stalk Mickie James in an angle similar to the James/Trish Stratus storyline from 2005.

In regards to meeting Vince McMahon, Green recalled trying to get a meeting him, which she was able to do after waiting outside his office after four weeks. She was eventually able to pitch fifteen to twenty different ideas for her character over a half hour meeting.

“We talked about each one," she said. "We talked about what ones would work and what wouldn't. He asked me why I thought certain things would work and why I thought certain things wouldn't. Two weeks later, I was in that Survivor Series qualifying match.”

When asked if she thought she would have been released if she hadn’t broken her wrist, she said no. “I’m not really one to dwell on what-ifs,” she said. "There’s a couple of what-ifs in my career that I linger on, but that’s life. And not only is that life, that is definitely pro wrestling.”

Green confirmed that she was offered a contract renewal prior to her injury and re-signed with the company for three years. She also confirmed that it was John Laurinaitis who called her with the news that she was released, citing budget cuts.