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Chris Jericho making return to WWE?


Chris Jericho is expected back tonight at WWE RAW

Jericho was in San Antonio last night, the site of Raw. It's also being reported he is backstage at the show. Jericho had said that he wasn't coming back on Twitter, but he does stuff like that every year, whether he does or doesn't.  A key is that there are no touring dates for Fozzy listed going forward.

Jericho's wrestling schedule is usually built around his touring dates and if he's got nothing scheduled for months, unless there is another entertainment gig, it would be expected he'd return in some fashion.  His last few returns have been specifically for house shows only, but if he's backstage, that would mean a return as a regular television character, perhaps coming off his walking off on Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose when he was a mystery partner at the Night of Champions show on 9/20 in Houston with them against The Wyatt Family.

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