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Chris Jericho on WOR: Reinventing himself, Vince McMahon, more


As he continues to promote his new book "No Is a Four-Letter Word: How I Failed Spelling but Succeeded in Life," Chris Jericho made an appearance on Wrestling Observer Radio with Bryan Alvarez and Dave Meltzer earlier this week.

Jericho discussed the book, noting that it includes 20 principles of things that he has learned throughout his life. One of those was what he would call the Brian Pillman principle: be something different.

Jericho brought this up later in the interview when talking about constantly reinventing himself. He never wanted to be a nostalgia act -- he constantly wants to reinvent himself, like he did in his most recent WWE run with the scarf, the vest, “it,” and other new aspects of his character.

Another principle that Jericho brought up is one that he named after Negro Casas: know your audience. When asked about a situation where he pushed for something but it ended up being a bad idea, he opted to bring this up and told a story where he wanted to pitch an idea to Vince McMahon about Shawn Michaels being in his corner against Bray Wyatt back when they were feuding.

He asked a security guard if McMahon was eating, since the best way to approach him is when he is alone and not eating. The security guard said no, so Jericho went in. But he forgot to ask if anyone else was in there, so when he saw Triple H there, he knew he was in trouble. When McMahon took out a second steak and began eating it while Jericho pitched his idea, he knew it was bad news.

After pitching the idea, McMahon's only reply to him was “bad cow” -- he didn’t listen to what Jericho was saying at all, he was more obsessed with his tough steak. 

Jericho brought up the Kevin Owens vs. AJ Styles finish from Battleground as well, saying it was an accident as he was supposed to face Styles in a US title open challenge. They instead changed it to a triple threat match where Styles reclaimed the championship.

Jericho also discussed expanding his horizons, being both a professional wrestler and a musician, and more about the motivational aspects of his book. Subscribers can listen to the full interview below:

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