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Christian expected to wrestle more after WWE Royal Rumble return


Christian is expected to wrestle more following his surprise return at Sunday's Royal Rumble.

Dave Meltzer has confirmed that Christian was secretly medically cleared to return to the ring last week. He is also expected to wrestle more going forward.

“As far as how much is uncertain but that was not a one-time-and gone thing,” Meltzer wrote in today’s update.

Christian returned to in-ring action at Sunday’s Royal Rumble event, entering the men’s Royal Rumble match at number 24. He made it to the final five, but was eliminated by Seth Rollins. His former tag team partner Edge ended up winning the Rumble, last eliminating Randy Orton.

“The feedback from the fans has been amazing & the comments from my peers is humbling,” Christian wrote on Twitter this afternoon. “I just want to say thanks & I’m SO happy that stepping back in the ring at the #RoyalRumble meant as much to you as it did to me. If that was it, it was on my own terms. If it wasn’t, then...”

Christian had largely retired from pro wrestling since suffering a concussion in 2014. He had a brief match last year on Raw, but it was more of an angle as Ric Flair low blowed him during an unsanctioned match against Orton. Orton quickly pinned Christian following a punt kick.