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CM Punk: 'I’m not trying to talk anybody into the building on this one'


Ahead of his first mixed martial arts fight against Mickey Gall at UFC 203 on September 10th, CM Punk spoke with the MMA media on a conference call on Thursday afternoon.

Punk has been more subdued than in his professional wrestling career when building the fight, and our Josh Nason asked him if the wrestling promos that he was famous for are something that he has left in his past.

“I don’t see the need for it, you know? People either love me or hate me already. I’m not trying to talk anybody into the building on this one. I think the allure is just the fact that it’s happening, you know what I mean? And the story writes itself, so it’s not a fabricated thing where I need to, kind of create some drama between me and Mickey." Punk said.

"We’re going to fight. That’s the beauty of it, you know? It doesn’t need to be a weird verbal p*ssing contest. I think some of these guys, while it is entertainment and it’s the sh*t talk business, I just don’t see it, I don’t see it happening this time."

Punk later said that it was nice not having to carry a company on his shoulders and claimed he wasn't worried about how many pay-per-view buys the show would do.

And when asked by Nason who was going to be in his corner for the fight, Punk jokingly said they wouldn’t allow Bret Hart to accompany him.

The full conference call is available to listen to here.