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Cody Rhodes appears on WWE Raw, gets attacked by Seth Rollins


Cody Rhodes appeared on Raw tonight, only to be taken out by Seth Rollins.

Rhodes opened up the show and said the feud with Rollins was over. He teased the possibility of returning in time for Money in the Bank next month in Las Vegas, but the announcers noted that Rhodes is getting surgery this week for his torn pectoral muscle and the chances of that were unlikely.

Rollins came out and at first was cordial, saying he had come out to shake Cody’s hand much like how Rhodes extended his hand after WrestleMania. The two shook hands as Rollins left and Rhodes' music played. However, as Rhodes had his back turned to the entranceway, Rollins emerged with a sledgehammer, using it to strike Rhodes in the back. Rollins continued to attack Rhodes until he was separated by WWE officials. After a commercial break, Rhodes refused to get on a stretcher and walked to the back under his own power.

WWE confirmed yesterday that Rhodes had injured himself, tearing his pectoral muscle while training last week. Rhodes worked Hell in a Cell last night, the injury plainly visible on his chest as he defeated Rollins.