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Cody Rhodes defeats Seth Rollins at WWE Hell in a Cell


Cody Rhodes defeated Seth Rollins tonight inside Hell in a Cell despite walking into the match with a torn pectoral muscle.

Rhodes defeated Rollins following two crossroads and a sledgehammer spot. The match featured plenty of weapons, and at one point a table was introduced, which broke when Rollins hit a running powerbomb. There was also a pedigree spot, with Rhodes reversing a Rollins pedigree attempt to hit one of his own.

After the match, Rhodes cut a short promo saying it was no one's decision but his own to enter the match with a torn pec. 

"Ten times out of ten, I would have made the same decision," he said.

It was clear at the start of the match that Rhodes had injured his pectoral muscle, as once he removed his ring jacket most of the right side of his upper body was bruised. It was announced during the pre-show that Rhodes injured his pectoral muscle during a pull-apart with Rollins on Raw, then tore it later in the week while weight training.

WWE’s next premium live event will be Money in the Bank, held at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada on July 2.