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Cody Rhodes faces Kevin Owens in dark match following WWE Raw

Rhodes defeated Owens in a dark match following Raw and cut a promo after thanking the fans.

A dark match took place following tonight’s WWE Raw that featured Cody Rhodes taking on Kevin Owens.

Rhodes defeated Owens, pinning him following the crossroads. After the match, Cody thanked the crowd for letting him back in their house. He said he loved pro wrestling and pro wrestling fans with all of his heart. He finished the promo by pointing out his little cousin and said it was the godson of Dusty Rhodes, and said he was family and everyone in here is his family.

Rhodes opened tonight’s episode of Raw talking about what inspired him to return to WWE, saying that it was an easy choice to make once he became a free agent. He posted a picture of his father Dusty Rhodes holding the WWE Championship back at a Madison Square Garden event from 1977, saying Dusty just wasn’t his dad, but his hero. He said at eight years old he wanted to become WWE Champion and put that belt in his father’s hands. He said that dream died, and wouldn’t be able to put the belt in the hands of The American Dream. But he could put it around the waist of The American Nightmare, saying he was ready to do this for his family and his father.

Seth Rollins came out after Rhodes’ promo. The two appeared as if they were about to fight, but they eventually shook hands.