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Cody Rhodes vs. Seth Rollins still planned for WWE WrestleMania 38

The former AEW star is still tabbed to be Rollins' "path to WrestleMania."

Cody Rhodes vs. Seth Rollins is still being planned for WWE WrestleMania 38.

While Rhodes did not appear on Raw last night, the storyline that Rollins doesn't have a "path to WrestleMania" was featured prominently. According to comments made by Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio, Rhodes is still expected in WWE shortly and will likely provide Rollins with such a path. 

"The impression is that Cody Rhodes and Seth Rollins is the WrestleMania match," Meltzer said. 

"He's coming, that's it. He's coming. He's wrestling Seth at WrestleMania unless something changes and I sure watched (last night's Raw) not thinking anything's changing."

There were several subtle references to Rhodes made on Monday's Raw. As the show was coming to a close, Corey Graves said that Rollins' WrestleMania hopes had been "dashed" and that his dream has become a "nightmare." Rhodes has used both the nicknames "Dashing" and "The American Nightmare" in the past. 

During Commander Azeez's ring entrance, Jimmy Smith referenced "The Colossus of Rhodes" which was a large Greek statue on the island of Rhodes from 280-226 BC. 

Damian Priest also used his Reckoning finisher to defeat Finn Balor on Raw, a move similar to Cody's Cross Rhodes. Priest had not been using the move recently and some speculated this was due to Rhodes' pending arrival.