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Cody Runnels requests his release from WWE

Cody Runnels on Twitter today said that he requested his release from WWE earlier today.

"The past ten years have been quite the trek, but as of earlier today, I have asked for my release from WWE.  I'll speak further on the matter shortly.  Thank you to all the pro wrestling/sports entertainment fans worldwide. Thank you."

Runnels, 30, the son of Dusty Rhodes, was a two-time state champion high school wrestler in Georgia and at first studied to be an actor before going into pro wrestling.

He started with the company in 2006 and was on the main roster in 2007 with a push.  His biggest run was early on as part of The Legacy with Randy Orton and Ted DiBiase Jr. Once the group broke up, Runnels was used as more of a lower and mid-card wrestler in a number of changing roles. He was Dashing Cody Rhodes talking about grooming, Team Rhodes Scholars and he and his brother Goldust formed a strong babyface tag team.

Ever since the team split up and he became Stardust, a parody of his brother, his career had gone nowhere and he hadn't been used well.  For whatever reason, the company decided against changing him after the death of his father, or since even though he constantly would tease going back to Cody Rhodes.

It is also possible this is an angle.