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WWE's Corey Graves reportedly cleared to return to in-ring action

Graves retired from pro wrestling in 2014 due to concussion issues.

Corey Graves is cleared to return to the ring, according to a new report.

Fightful Select reported this morning that Graves has had a major status shift over the last year regarding physical contact. According to the report, Graves was cleared by WWE doctors sometime in 2020 despite originally being on an internal no contact list that the company keeps. Graves is no longer on that list. Both Graves and WWE could not confirm nor deny any parts of Fightful’s report.

Graves was signed by the WWE as a wrestler and competed both in FCW and NXT. In 2014, after suffering a concussion, he was no longer cleared to compete and announced his retirement, shifting to a color commentator’s position on NXT. In 2016, he was called up to do commentary on the main roster. He currently works as a color commentator on Raw and has also been part of the SmackDown announce team in the past.