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Daily Update: WWE TLC Preview, UFC 194 fallout



Sheamus vs. Roman Reigns for WWE title in a TLC match - This is kind of weird because the choices are getting the belt off Sheamus right away on a weak PPV, or keeping a weak champion for another month.  My gut says Rumble is the bigger show and you can hold it off until then, but it really doesn't matter.  Ultimately they still need to get a heel hot, and Sheamus isn't the guy.  The matches these two have been having on the road haven't been tearing the houses down, but WWE TLC matches usually deliver.

Kevin Owens vs. Dean Ambrose for IC title - They have to get Ambrose hotter, whether that's a turn or what, I don't know.  Owens should retain here and on paper they should have a really good match.

New Day vs. Lucha Dragons vs. Usos in a ladder match for tag titles - Given the Lucha Dragons were given two wins over the New Day on TV, they're probably losing to the New Day here.  It's not time for the title switch, nor given where the Usos have been positioned in the food chain with Ambrose & Reigns, are they the ones to beat in this match.

Charlotte vs. Paige for the Divas title - A lot here will be determined by the crowd, both in if they give the match a chance, and who they cheer.  Charlotte technically hasn't turned and Paige did back away from her on Monday, but until backing away, Paige was positioned as the face in their segment.  The key is whether people care enough one way or the other, and get into the match.

Alberto Del Rio vs. Jack Swagger for the U.S. title in a chair match - This is a big shot for Swagger so he should be motivated, even though he is almost surely losing and even if the match gets over, which Del Rio's matches haven't been doing of late, it won't matter because Swagger isn't in their plans.  The key is will Zeb Colter come out and screw Swagger and the breakup on Monday was a swerve to lead to the finish, or is Zeb gone with Del Rio.

Bray Wyatt & Erick Rowan & Luke Harper & Braun Strowman vs. Dudleys & Tommy Dreamer & Rhyno in a tables match.  WWE doesn't like to put over guys from the past, particularly whose are still best known from another promotion, and the Wyatts are their own act, so Wyatts would be expected to win, unless they are doing a longer four vs. four program with these teams.

Rusev vs. Ryback - I think it's Rusev's turn this week, right?  Ryback has been working really hard of late and Rusev can go.  They probably won't get a lot of time, though.  

Becky Lynch vs. Sasha Banks- Banks is from the Boston area so she'll probably be cheered even though  Lynch is positioned as the face.    

WWE talent always works hard but aside from Owens vs. Ambrose, there isn't a match that will probably get enough time that is a lock for a great match.  A lot of this show feels like it'll be determined by how the main event does overall, and what kind of a story they tell if they hold off the Reigns title win.

Check out's coverage of WWE TLC with Dave Meltzer

We're looking for your thoughts on tonight's TLC show as well as last night's UFC 194 show, so you can leave a thumbs up, thumbs down or thumbs in the middle along with a best and worst match to Dave Meltzer

We're also looking for reports on today's Lucha Underground tapings in Los Angeles and today's NXT show in Blackpool, England

Raw, sorting all of this out,  will be Monday night in Philadelphia while NXT runs Monday night in Nottingham, England.

Smackdown will be taped Tuesday night in Newark, NJ while NXT runs Tuesday night in Cardiff, Wale.


Finn Balor vs. Samoa Joe for NXT title

Apollo Crews vs. Baron Corbin

Bayley vs. Nia Jax for women's title

Scott Dawson & Dash Wilder vs. Enzo Amore & Colin Cassady for tag titles

Emma vs. Asuka

Figure Four Weekly

Figure Four Weekly 12/7/2015: McDevitt comments on concussion lawsuits
Details on Jerry McDevitt's comments on the ongoing concussion lawsuits against WWE, Alan discusses potential candidates for 2015's best rookie.

Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Coverage of the biggest weekend in UFC history, the stories behind the big matches, scouting the fighters, the business and handicapping the fights is the lead story in the new issue of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.  We look at the promotion of the show, how changes in the UFC can affect the major fights, little things in each fight that haven't beentalked about, fugure for the winners and much more is looked at.

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We also have an update on Sting and his condition coming off the match with Seth Rollins, something to watch for about a very significant WWE employee, WWE increasing security at leve events, WWE putting up lots of new content on the network, why the Stampede tapes were taken down, Alberto Del Rio blames AAA for his not coming back and losingg the title, why the time-line of what he says doesn't add up, another new franchise movie idea for Dwayne Johnson, a new WWE movie annnounced, Mick Foley's son with WWE, Sami Zayn's return, Tommy Dreamer's schedule, WWE surveys, John Cena media, WWE and ESPN update, NXT taping news, Brock Lesnar schedule news, WWE firing, Del Rio & Colter alliance, as well as notes on all the NXT house shows from the past week as well as all the WWE house shows of the past week and the business from the last week.   

We've got a look at this year's Tokyo Sports pro wrestling awards, all the winners, how the balloting went down, as well as a list of every MVP dating back to 1974, and why different people won the awards and the nature of the politicas behid the awards.


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We cover all the news coming out of last night's UFC 194 on last night's Wrestling Observer Radio A lot of the talk today concerns Conor McGregor's contract demands that people are talking like he's going to ask for which would be a level of money that only the top PPV draws in boxing have gotten and nobody in MMA has gotten.  Dana White talked about how McGregor can challenge Saturday's Donald Cerrone vs. Rafael dos Anjos winner for the lightweight title and give up the featherweight title, but McGregor said he wants both belts and is not giving up the featherweight belt.  As far as what is next for McGregor, nobody is going to make a decision until after this coming Saturday's lightweight title fight.

Yoel Romero vs. Jacare Souza scoring, Judge Lester Griffin gave Souza rounds two and three; Judge Glenn Trowbridge gave Romero the first two rounds and gave a 10-8 round one and Judge Tony Weeks gave the first two rounds to Romero.  Of 17 key media members polled at, only two gave the fight to Romero.  Three, including me, had it a draw based on a 10-8 first round for Romero and Souza taking two and three, while 12 others had a 10-9 first for Romero and rounds two and three for Souza.  I thought two and three were clearly for Souza.

Luke Rockhold last night talked about wanting Vitor Belfort in a rematch although he also said he knows he does have to face Romero.  Belfort knocked out Rockhold two years ago, and Rockhold has been furious about it, especially since Belfort was jacked up on TRT at the time.

Before the stoppage, two judges had Luke Rockhold up 30-26 after three rounds and the other had him up 29-27, with the first round the one in question.  All three gave the third round a 10-8, which you had to, but having to doesn't always happen.  Judges are far more liberal now with 10-8s which is a good thing..

There is a major breakthrough on treatment of concussions that has started gaining some traction in the MMA world.  I talked about it last night on the Observer radio show but for WWE, all of wrestling, MMA and high school football programs.  It is a way to really improve treatment, along with far better methods to determine both the extent of the brain injuries that an athlete has and determining when an injured athlete should be allowed to return to their sport.

Bryan and I will be back tonight with coverage of the WWE TLC PPV.  We'll also be taking questions on wrestling and MMA that can be sent to


  • TLC tonight is close to sold out.  The expectation is it will sell out.  The set up is 13,800 so they'll probably announce in the 16s.
  • Steve Austin's show with Shawn Michaels airs immediately after TLC tonight on the WWE Network.
  • Big advance for Raw in Philadelphia tomorrow.  Raw hasn't sold out in the U.S. in months, but there is the belief this one will either sell out or come very close.  Weird how all the negativity on the product and the bad ratings and this week's key shows are doing well.
  • Daniel Bryan talks a number of subjects including his concussions
  • NXT sold out Blackpool, England today, but that was a small venue.  We're looking for reports, but William Regal did an interview and the crowd loved him, as expected since he started there and is billed from there.  The crowd was going totally nuts for Jason Jordan & Chad Gable as well.
  • Odds as of 7:30pm Eastern with smart money in...

Sheamus -4500

Roman Reigns +1500

Kevin Owens +600

Dean Ambrose -1200 (so expect the title change)

Alberto Del Rio -4500

Jack Swagger +1500

New Day -2000

Usos +1500

Lucha Dragons +2000

Charlotte -600

Paige +400

Team ECW +350

Wyatts - 530

Rusev -4500

Ryback +1500


  • Ronda Rousey will be featured on Thursday night at 8:30 p.m. as part of the Barbara Walters' special on the year's most fascinating people.  Those on the list besides Rousey are Bradley Cooper, Amy Shumer, Tracy Morgan, Bernie Sanders, Misty Copeland and Donna Karan. (thanks to Jon Southerland)
  • ESPN covered the Conor McGregor win as a significant story that I saw, but not nearly as much on the Luke Rockhold win.  The coverage wasn't close to that of the Ronda Rousey loss.
  • Ratings in Brazil were unreal last night.  Like the glory days level.
  • TSN in Canada didn't mention the fight until about 15 minutes in and highlights weren't shown until 20 minutes into their SportsCenter with everything based on the Warriors loss (which was a huge story in the U.S. and all the hockey coverage. 
  • FS 1 has a Best of Donald Cerrone TV special at 8:30 p.m. Eastern time tonight.
  • Chris Weidman has Ian Matuszak, 20, who suffers from cerebral palsy and stage 3 esophageal cancer in his corner last night as a special guest.  Matuszak, despite his problems, has trained in Jiu Jitsu and recently earned his blue belt.
  • Tryouts for Ultimate Fighter are tomorrow at 8 a.m. at the Red Rock Casino with the next season being light heavyweights, plus bantamweight and strawweight women.  Dana White on Friday was asked about the coaches for the season that will air in the spring of 2016.  He gave an answer that let you know they have picked them, but said he wasn't announcing it yet.


  • ROH sent out a press release today regarding a partnership with PWG as we've noted has been talked about for a few months.  Basically ROH contracted talent is now allowed in PWG.  Before, with the exception of The Young Bucks and Roderick Strong, no contracted ROH guys could appear on PWG shows.  Guys like Matt Sydal don't have an ROH contract.  
  • Destination America is pretty much done with TNA.  This coming Wednesday, they will air from 11 p.m. to 1 a.m., or out of prime time, with no replay. At this point, that is the last scheduled episode airing., so TNA would be off for two weeks before the launch on Pop TV.
  • Kyle O'Reilly was the latest ROH performer under contract to appear on PWG last night in Reseda, CA.  Heard last night's show was great.
  • Great Khali's wrestling school had its first show today with put together by Jesus Rodriguez, formerly Ricardo Rodriguez.  Rodriguez has been the head trainer at the school which  has 75 students.  They are running under the banner of Continental Wrestling Entertainment.
  • ECCW from last Saturday in Vancouver, BC:  Bishop b Carl Cunningham, Bollywood Boyz (GFW) & Nicole Matthews b West Coast Express & CAT Power, Ravenous Randy b Pete Power, Phantasmo b Air Adonis, Andy the Dreadful Bird b Antonio Thomas, Scotty Mac b Memphis, Tony Baroni b Artemis Spencer.
  • Red Rock Wrestling on 1/9 in Charlottetow, Prince Edward Island with a combination minor league hockey game at 3 p.m., wrestling at 5:30 p.m. and anther hockey game at 7 p.m.
  • Elite Canadian Championship Wrestling on 12/15 in Port Coquitlam, BC.
  • Great Canadian Wrestling on 12/27 in Oshawa, ONT is a charity show for the Harmony Creek food bank.  Everyone who brings food will get raffle tickets for a drawing of wrestling prizes.
  • CWE on 2/20 featuring Colt Cabana.
  • Rassle Rap charity festival show from Thursday night in Valparaiso, IN:  Shane Mercer b Mad Man Pondo, Ring Rydas b Super Strong Tiger & Spider Monkey to keep JCW tag titles, Moshpit Mike over Rude Boy and Chuey Martinez, 2 Tuff Tony b Ruff Crossing in a lumberjack match, Kongo Kong b Weedman to win the JCW world title. 
  • Same promotion from Friday night in Sauget, IL:  2 Tuff Tony & Justin D'Air & Mike Outlaw b Viking War Party, Mad Man Pondo & Crazy Mary Dobson b Jake Dirden & Samantha Heighs, Rude Boy won three-way over Mosh Pit Mike &  Chuey Martinez, Super Strong Tiger & Spider Monkey b Ring Rydas to win JCW tag titles, Weedman b Ruff Crossing in a lumberjack match (thanks to Kevin Gill)
  • Southern Illinois Championship Wrestling from last night in East Carondelet, IL before a sellout of 350 fans:  Daniel Gunner b Jimmy D, Britt Tucker d Bobby D, Ax b Barracus, Troll b Red River Jack (Bob Orton)-DQ, Ken Kasa & Jake Dirden b Chris Hargas & Brandon Espinosa, Sean Vincent b Curtis Wyld in a cage match, Gary Jackson b Attila Khan in a cage match, Kahagas won a three-way over Ron Powers and Flash Flanagan in a cage match (thanks to Larry Matysik and Patrick Brandmeyer)
  • Michael Elgin headlines for Pro Wrestling Phoenix on 12/30 in Omaha at the Waiting Room Lounge.
  • Colin Delaney vs. Lionel Knight in a loser leaves UWA forever headlines 2/7 in Toronto at the Lithuanian House.
  • Great North Wrestling on 2/27 in Hawkesbury, ONT at the Robert Harley Arena with Jeremy Prophet managed by disgraced senator Patrick Brazeau vs. Hannibal and Carlito vs. Paul Rosenberg.

Al Snow is opening up a wrestling school

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