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Daniel Bryan: '90-plus percent' chance I'll re-sign with WWE


In a new interview, Daniel Bryan noted that he was leaning towards staying with the WWE.

Bryan was on the Sam Roberts podcast when Roberts noted that since Bryan is featured in the new WWE 2K19 video game, that he might be staying with the WWE beyond September 1 when his contract expires. Bryan said that he didn’t want to give too many details, but did give a probability of the chances of that happening. 

“I think at this point it would be 90-plus percent,” he told Roberts. “It’s very likely I’ll re-sign with WWE.”

Bryan further noted that as of the show’s recording, which would be around August 6, that he had not re-signed with the company yet and that it might be a few weeks before negotiations were completed. 

Bryan had said in previous interviews that he would likely not re-sign with the company if he wasn’t able to wrestle. He was cleared in March of this year and teamed with Shane McMahon to defeat Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn at WrestleMania.