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Daniel Bryan: 'If I had any guts, I'd quit and do the indies'


Despite advertising that SmackDown General Manager Daniel Bryan would address Intercontinental Champion The Miz's comments from last week's Talking Smack, Bryan barely touched on their confrontation on Tuesday night's edition of SmackDown.

But SmackDown's post-show was again noteworthy, as Bryan addressed the situation on this week's Talking Smack.

Bryan said he got up and walked away last week because he knew Miz was right. He claimed that if he had the guts, he would quit and wrestle on the indies as Miz suggested. But Bryan clarified that it would be at venues more like the Tokyo Dome than the bingo halls that Miz mentioned.

Responding to a question from Renee Young, Bryan noted that he has his health to worry about and that he's trying to have kids with his wife Brie Bella.

Possibly clarifying why Tuesday's SmackDown didn't feature any interaction between the two, Bryan said WWE wasn't letting him and Miz do anything together on TV anymore.

The only time Bryan addressed the situation on Tuesday's SmackDown was in the show's open. Shane McMahon told Bryan he shouldn't provoke talent like that and he apologize to Miz. Bryan said that it was ironic given Shane's recent involvement with Brock Lesnar, and said maybe he won't be so truthful next time.

The clip of Bryan addressing last week's exchange is available to watch above.