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Daniel Bryan loses to Roman Reigns, 'banished' from WWE SmackDown


With his SmackDown career on the line, Daniel Bryan lost to Universal Champion Roman Reigns on Friday night..

Reigns defeated Bryan in the main event of this week's SmackDown to retain the Universal Championship. As a stipulation of Bryan losing the match, Bryan is now "banished" from SmackDown.

Reigns won the match when Bryan passed out in a guillotine. After the match, Reigns got two steel chairs and went to give Bryan a con-chair-to. Cesaro then ran down to make the save. As Cesaro was beating down Reigns, Jey Uso attacked Cesaro. Uso tied up Cesaro in the ropes and forced him to watch Reigns give Bryan a con-chair-to.

After Bryan had worked over his right arm throughout the match, Reigns switched to using his left arm when he locked Bryan in the guillotine to get the win.

Reigns debuted new entrance music on SmackDown this week. Reigns vs. Bryan lasted for more than 27 minutes of television time.

On last week's SmackDown, Bryan had advocated for Cesaro to get the next title shot against Reigns. Reigns responded to Cesaro's challenge by telling him that his answer is no and will always be no. Reigns said Cesaro isn't on his level. Reigns then challenged Bryan to a title match. Cesaro told Bryan he had to take the opportunity. Bryan went to respond, but Reigns then added that he didn't want to see Bryan on his show again if Bryan lost. Bryan accepted the stipulation.