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Daniel Bryan & The Miz get into heated exchange on Talking Smack


Tuesday night's edition of Talking Smack may have been more noteworthy than SmackDown itself.

Daniel Bryan and The Miz got into a heated exchange after Bryan said he didn't like the way Miz wrestles. Miz responded by saying he beat Apollo Crews at SummerSlam, but Bryan said that Miz wrestles like a coward inside of the ring, and claimed that Miz represents what he used to think of as soft WWE style wrestling.

Miz offered an impassioned defense of his work, saying that he has never been injured in his career. He said Bryan is the real coward for promising his fans that he would come back and failing to do so. 

Responding to The Miz, Bryan noted that he would come back if the WWE would let him. Miz said Bryan claims to love wrestling and should quit and go wrestle in bingo halls again. Bryan walked off of the set as the show went off the air.

Video of the segment is available to watch above.