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Daniel Bryan's return match announced for WWE WrestleMania 34


Despite Shane McMahon's hospitalization, Daniel Bryan's return match was announced as originally planned tonight.

On SmackDown, Bryan & Shane vs. Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn was made official for WrestleMania 34. Bryan challenged Owens and Zayn to the match after "firing" them last week, with him saying that he's going to give them one more opportunity. The stipulation is that Owens and Zayn will be reinstated if they win. If they lose, they'll remain fired in storyline.

Bryan appeared on tonight's SmackDown after being attacked by Owens and Zayn to close last week's episode. He mentioned that he has reason to believe Shane will be okay for WrestleMania on April 8th, issued the challenge to Owens & Zayn, and said he's tired of general manager duties like attending board meetings, filling out paperwork, and wearing blazers. He said Owens and Zayn tried to take his dream of wrestling again away from him, then promised to kick their asses in New Orleans.

It was mentioned on commentary that Shane had been discharged from the hospital, where he had been recovering from acute diverticulitis and an umbilical hernia. Tom Phillips also noted that they'd be keeping viewers updated on Shane's status heading into WrestleMania.

Zayn quickly answered Bryan's challenge on Twitter: "Daniel Bryan wants payback?? WE GLADLY ACCEPT. He just made the biggest mistake of his life. If he thought what we did to him last week was bad, just wait & see what we will do to him after publicly firing us. #Wrestlemania will be the worst night of Shane & Daniel’s lives."

With the announcement of the match, Bryan will officially be making his in-ring return at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome four years after the biggest moment of his career took place there at WrestleMania 30.