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Dean Ambrose has legitimate elbow injury


Dean Ambrose has a legitimate right elbow injury even though on television it appeared to be an angle.

We're not sure of the severity of the injury but he came to television hurt and the show was rewritten to cover for it.

During a six-man tag match with Ambrose, Seth Rollins & Jason Jordan vs. Cesaro, Sheamus & Samoa Joe, Rollins hit a tope and Ambrose started acting like his right arm was injured. Referee John Cone came to him and the medical personnel was called. Sheamus then Brogue kicked Rollins for the finish while the ref was distracted.

After the match, Rollins & Ambrose were beaten down again with Joe turning a box over on the bad arm of Ambrose and they announced Ambrose was taken to a local medical facility.

All of that was storyline, but the storyline was created to cover for the actual injury.