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Details of the shooting at the Performance Center today

The Orlando police held a press conference this afternoon discussing the shooting incident in the parking lot of the WWE Performance Center.

According to Orange County Sheriff Jerry Demings, a 29-year-old Hispanic male, fixated on a unnamed WWE female wrestler, showed up with that Peformance Center staff members believed was a knife.  He had already been arrested days earlier coming to the Performance Center and a restraining order had been failed against him, although he had not yet been served with it.

Staff members called deputies, who came and drew their weapons on the man.  They were talking with him when he charged at them in a threateing manner.  They backed up 75 to 100 feeet and one deputy filed a single shot, hitting the man in the torso.  The man was hospitalized in critical but stable condition.

The female wrestler was not at the Performance Center at the time of the incident.  Nobody else was injured.

--Thanks to Jay Reddick