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Dominik Mysterio appearance set for WWE Raw


An appearance by Dominik Mysterio has been confirmed for tonight's post-Backlash edition of Raw.

After Seth Rollins invited Rey Mysterio and Dominik to tonight's show, Dominik posted on Instagram that he's accepted the invitation. Rey hasn't appeared in person on Raw since the angle where Rollins attacked his eye on the May 11 episode of the show, but Mysterio has given updates on his status via video each of the past two weeks.

Dominik told his father on Raw two weeks ago that someone from their family had to do something about Rollins. Rey then tried to calm Dominik down. But after Rey got up, Dominik looked into the camera and warned Rollins that it would be an eye for an eye.

Rey said last week that the prognosis for his eye is promising, but he still doesn't know when he'll be medically cleared to compete. Rey vowed that Rollins would pay for what he did and what he's put Rey's family through. Rollins said he was personally inviting Rey and Dominik to tonight's show, and he hopes they come in peace so he can show them that the sacrifice of him attacking Rey's eye was for the greater good.

Rey responded by saying the only reason Rollins was inviting him to Raw was because he's not cleared. Rey said he'll be cleared soon -- and Rollins and the whole world will know about it.