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Doudrop explains recent absence from WWE TV

Doudrop wrote that she was "very sick" but is healing.

Doudrop has explained why she's been off WWE television in recent weeks.

In response to a fan on Twitter asking why she's disappeared from TV, Doudrop wrote on Tuesday: "I was very sick, but I am healing." Doudrop also clarified that visa issues aren't why she hasn't been on TV. Doudrop noted that her visa was updated last April.

Dave Meltzer mentioned on Monday night's Wrestling Observer Radio that visa issues are why some United Kingdom talent haven't appear on WWE or NXT TV as of late.

Doudrop told Inside the Ropes last August that needing to renew her visa contributed to her not being on WrestleMania 38:

It was disappointing, I'm not gonna lie. But at the same time, I completely understood why. Not a lot of people know this, but I actually had to leave the US straight after WrestleMania to go and renew my visa in the UK. Because of a lot of different conflicts going on in the world and right now, it was going to be -- they were unsure how long that process might take and I could have been in the UK for a month for as long as they knew. I couldn't really have anything on the show because they didn't know when I'd be back. Being there was great and everything. Just being able to sit there and watch it and take it all in. Got to meet so many cool people like The Undertaker and Steve Austin and get some advice from people and things like that and that was awesome.

Doudrop is a member of the WWE Raw roster. She hasn't wrestled since teaming with Nikki Cross against Gigi Dolin & Jacy Jayne on the September 6 episode of NXT. Doudrop & Cross were also in action at NXT Worlds Collide last September, losing to NXT Women's Tag Team Champions Katana Chance & Kayden Carter.