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Dwayne Johnson talks about potentially facing Brock Lesnar at next year's WrestleMania as well as talks about fan reaction to Roman Reigns

Dwayne Johnson did an interview with USA Today and made a hint about WrestleMania as when asked what he was doing Sunday, kind of joked about saying he would be in New York on Saturday night hosting Saturday Night Live but wouldn't say what he was doing Sunday.

When asked about wrestling Brock Lesnar next year in Dallas he said:

"In Dallas?  Possibly.  There's a lot of things that are up in the air.  Lots of things are up in the air.  We'll see.  I would love that remach.

"You want to create something that's gonig to be sepcial, memorable, especially in Dallas at that stadium you have a shot at breaking the attendance record.  It's go to be special."

He also said the fan reaction was one of the great things about WWE when asked about his cousin, Roman Reigns.  But he said he believes Reigns and Lesnar are going to put on a hell of a match.

Video of the interview is at