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Edge vs. Damian Priest set for August 22 WWE Raw


Edge and Damian Priest will meet in two weeks.

Priest laid out a challenge to Edge on Raw Monday, pointing out that Edge hasn’t wrestled on Raw in Toronto in years. He said that if Edge “had a set”, he would accept the challenge so that Priest and Judgment Day would end him in front of his friends and family.

Edge and the rest of Judgment Day have been feuding since after Hell in a Cell, when Finn Balor joined the group. Priest, Balor, and Rhea Ripley then turned on Edge, laying him out. Edge returned at SummerSlam and took out Balor and Priest, leading to their loss against The Mysterios on the show.

On Monday's Raw, Edge drove Priest away from the ring during a Rey Mysterio/Finn Balor match. However, Balor picked up the win after Rhea Ripley emerged from the stage with a bloodied Dominik, distracting Rey and allowing Balor to get the win with the coup de grace.