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Edge vs. Randy Orton official for WWE Backlash


After last week's Raw ended without Edge giving Randy Orton an answer, Edge vs. Orton is now official for Backlash.

The opening segment of tonight's Raw featured Edge accepting Orton's challenge for a traditional wrestling match at Backlash. The PPV is taking place on Sunday, June 14. Edge vs. Orton is the first match confirmed for the event.

Orton started tonight's Raw by cutting a promo where he asked if a straight-up wrestling match is that hard for people to understand. He reiterated that Edge was the better man in their last man standing match at WrestleMania 36, but he knows Edge isn't the superior wrestler. Orton said he doesn't need tables, ladders, chairs, or to be the last man standing -- all that he needs is this ring and a referee.

Orton said he knows why Edge didn't accept his challenge last week. He saw doubt in Edge's eyes. Orton said Edge's grit and passion is now just doubt and fear.

That led to Edge making his way down to the ring. He said he knows Orton is playing a game of chess, so he couldn't rush into his next move. Edge said Orton may be the most talented person he's ever seen in a wrestling ring, but this isn't the life Orton wanted -- it's the life that was handed to him. Edge said wrestling was Orton's backup plan.

Edge said Orton never had a career-ending injury and didn't have to fight back for nine years just to compete. He claimed that Orton doesn't love the sport of pro wrestling like he does or like the rest of the locker room does.

After Orton cut him off and wanted an answer, Edge responded by accepting his challenge.

WWE continued to push tonight that Edge vs. Orton could potentially be the greatest wrestling match ever.