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Edge vs. Rollins Hell in a Cell match set for WWE Crown Jewel


Edge closed this week’s SmackDown by challenging Seth Rollins to a Hell in a Cell match for Crown Jewel.

At the end of tonight’s show, Rollins entered the ring and demanded Edge come out and accept his challenge, bringing up his family and children. Edge emerged from a car backstage and stormed to the ring, taking out Rollins with a spear. He grabbed a piece of chair and went to apply a crossface, but Rollins escaped before he could. Edge then challenged Seth to the Hell in a Cell match.

After the show ended, WWE confirmed that the match would take place at Crown Jewel on October 21 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Although Rollins defeated Edge at WWE's SmackDown show at Madison Square Garden last month, he has continued to challenge Edge, refuting the label of being “Edge-lite”. On last week’s episode of SmackDown, Rollins entered Edge’s home in North Carolina while his wife Beth Phoenix and their children were out of the house, going through their items and eating their food.

This would be the third match in the Edge vs. Rollins feud. Edge won the first match at SummerSlam in August. Rollins won the second match the following month at Madison Square Garden, with Edge being stretchered out after Rollins pinned him following the curb stomp.