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Elias out of action with torn pectoral muscle


It has been confirmed that the storyline injury to Elias is a real injury, putting him out of action.

Dave Meltzer has confirmed that Elias was written out of television last week due to a torn pectoral muscle. noted that Elias had suffered broken ribs and a torn pectoral muscle as a result of the hit and run angle on SmackDown last week. The injury will put him out of action for months.

The angle that aired last week on SmackDown had Elias stretchered out of the WWE Performance Center parking lot after he was struck by a car that was registered to Jeff Hardy, who was later arrested and accused of hitting Elias.

Hardy appeared at the end of last week’s SmackDown, causing Sheamus to become distracted, losing to Daniel Bryan in the semifinals of the Intercontinental title tournament. Hardy explained on this week's show that he passed all of the sobriety tests the police gave him, and a witness has since come forward saying they saw someone with red hair and a beard running out of the car, with Hardy noting that Sheamus fits that description.

Elias, who originally advanced to the semifinals of the tournament to face AJ Styles, was removed from the tournament, allowing AJ Styles to advance to the finals via a bye. 

Styles and Daniel Bryan will face one another this Friday on SmackDown for the Intercontinental title.