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Elias returns to TV on WWE Raw, claims he's his younger brother Ezekiel

Elias told Kevin Owens he was Ezekiel, Elias' younger brother.

Elias returned to WWE TV tonight on Raw, though he claimed that he's actually his younger brother.

As Kevin Owens talked about his loss to ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin at WrestleMania 38, Elias came out with a new look, no longer sporting a beard and wearing wrestling trunks. Elias told Owens that he was not Elias, but Elias’s younger brother, Ezekiel. Owens was confused and didn’t believe him. After Ezekiel made comments about Owens’ loss, Owens left.

Elias has not been on television since last July, when he lost to the since-released Jaxson Ryker. He had been feuding with Ryker after the two lost a Raw Tag Team Championship match to AJ Styles and Omos. In vignettes that aired the following month, Elias was shown destroying his guitar, signifying the end of that incarnation of the character. However, he remained off television until tonight.

Having been on the main roster since 2017, Elias had mainly used a gimmick where he would play the guitar during segments and prior to matches. He is a former WWE 24/7 Champion.