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Enzo Amore ejected from crowd during WWE Survivor Series


Enzo Amore made a scene in the crowd during WWE Survivor Series tonight which led security to escort him out of the arena.

The situation started during the AOP vs. The Bar tag team match. Amore, who was in disguise, could be seen in the second row, even making it on camera. Sometime during the match, Enzo removed the disguise, stood up on his chair and started to cut a promo using his old catch phrases. In this video, you can see security grabbing him and taking him to the ground. In another, you can see Enzo being led away.

Dave Meltzer later mentioned in tonight's live show post that there were unconfirmed reports that Amore has been banned from the Staples Center.

This isn’t the first time this week that Amore, real name Eric Arndt, has caused controversy. He was kicked off a Delta Airlines flight on 11/15 for vaping while on board. 

Amore was released from WWE in January after it was revealed that he was under investigation for sexual assault. WWE suspended, then fired him the day after the investigation was made public. The Phoenix Police Department later ceased the investigation due to lack of evidence.