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Eva Marie to make WWE Raw return next week


Eva Marie is set to make her return to WWE Raw next week.

A new vignette aired during tonight's Monday Night Raw featuring Eva Marie. At the end of the vignette, it was revealed that she would make her return next week.

Dave Meltzer has confirmed a WrestleVotes report from earlier today reporting that when Eva Marie returns, she will be accompanied by someone in a bodyguard-type 'muscle' role. Names mentioned include Piper Niven of NXT UK and Mercedes Martinez, who appears regularly on NXT television and is currently feuding with Tian Sha. However, Meltzer notes it is unclear who will eventually be in the role.

After leaving the WWE for three years, Eva Marie re-signed with the company last October. Vignettes started to air last month showing Eva Marie as someone who wants to help other people, promoting the “Eva-Loution”. Marie previously was a part of WWE from 2013 through 2017, when she began persuing other interests outside of WWE.