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Fan jumps rail, attacks Seth Rollins on WWE Raw


A fan jumped the rail during tonight’s WWE Raw, attacking Seth Rollins briefly.

Rollins was heading to the back following a segment where he laid out Finn Balor when a fan was briefly shown on camera attempting to take down Rollins. WWE immediately cut to a replay of the Balor attack, and the situation was resolved by the time the replay ended with Rollins standing tall on top of the entrance ramp. Fan footage showed the fan on top of Seth, with WWE referees and other personnel pulling the fan off and dragging him away.

"WWE takes the safety of its performers very seriously," the company said in a statement. "The individual who attacked Seth Rollins has been turned over to the NYPD and will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law."

The segment had Rollins come out to cut a promo ahead of a match against Finn Balor. Rollins was cutting the promo when Balor interrupted. While Balor was posing on the apron, Rollins attacked him. Balor hit a dive to the outside, but Rollins cut him off and hit Balor with steel steps outside the ring. Rollins threw Balor back to the ring and hit two curb stomps before walking away.