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Former WWE wrestler Great Khali accused of slapping toll worker in India

Khali says the person made racist comments toward him.

The Great Khali has issued a statement regarding an altercation he had on Monday with toll workers in Ludhiana, Punjab, India. 

A video of the incident was published on social media in which Khali can be seen arguing with several toll workers. According to a translation of the video by the Tribune, one toll worker can be heard asking Khali why he slapped one of the other employees. The video does not show Khali slapping the person, however. 

"'You were asked to show your ID card, show the ID card,' the toll employee tells Khali to which he replies, 'You are blackmailing me.' The employee then says, 'We are not blackmailing you. Why did you slap him? Show the ID card if you have it,'" the Tribune's translation reads.

Khali was reportedly traveling from Jalandhar in Punjab to Karnal, Haryana at the time. 

Khali then took to social media on Tuesday and stated that the toll worker made racist comments toward him after he denied taking a selfie with them.

"Hello Friends," Khali wrote on Instagram. "Yesterday while going to karnal, toll tax employee of Phillaur stopped my car and misbehaved for selfie. When I denied selfie, he ruthlessly passed racist comments also used bad words. That's all I want to say. Thank you."

According to police, neither party has filed a complaint regarding the incident.