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Goldberg appears on WWE Raw, addresses Bobby Lashley


Goldberg appeared on WWE Raw tonight, targeting Bobby Lashley.

On tonight’s show, Goldberg appeared via satellite. He said that he hoped Lashley was a better father than he was a liar, as he knew that Lashley was lying when he said choking out his son Gage was a misunderstanding. He swore that he would protect his son against anything and anyone. He promised to hurt Lashley, and if he was lucky, Goldberg said that he would kill him. He promised that Lashley would be his next victim.

Goldberg was last seen at SummerSlam, where he challenged Bobby Lashley for the WWE Championship. Lashley injured Goldberg’s knee during the match, eventually causing the referee to stop the match. Lashley continued to attack Goldberg’s knee afterwards, causing Goldberg’s son Gage to enter the ring to try and help his father. Lashley ended up applying the Hurt Lock on Gage and escaped before Goldberg could recover.

On tonight’s episode of Raw, Bobby Lashley challenged Big E for the WWE Championship. After their first match ended in a DQ finish, Big E defeated Lashley in a steel cage match to retain the title.