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Goldberg returns to WWE and accepts Brock Lesnar's challenge


While making his first appearance in a WWE ring in over a decade, Goldberg accepted the challenge to a match with Brock Lesnar that Paul Heyman had issued last week.

In a promo to close Monday night's edition of Raw, Goldberg said that he thought long and hard about returning to the ring, but maybe it was better left in the WWE 2K17 video game. But that changed when Lesnar challenged him to the match.

Goldberg implied that the match would be his last, saying that not only does it mean that Lesnar's next -- it means that he's last.

No official date for the match was announced yet, but Dave Meltzer has reported that it's set for Survivor Series on November 20th. Lesnar will appear on Raw next week to react to Goldberg accepting the challenge.

Goldberg used his regular iconic entrance music for the appearance and made his way through the back before being greeted by an ovation that seemed to overwhelm him as he got emotional during the promo.

He began the segment by noting that it had been 12 years since he was last in a WWE ring, and said that he didn't think he'd ever step into one again. He said that what made it so special was that his wife and son were there to see him in the ring live for the first time ever.

After accepting the challenge, Goldberg brought his son over the barricade and hoisted him on his shoulders.