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Goldberg vs. Brock Lesnar all but confirmed for November's Survivor Series


At this point, a Brock Lesnar vs. Bill Goldberg match is all but confirmed for WWE Survivor Series on November 20 in Toronto.

There had been rumors from inside WWE that a deal for such a match had been completed over the weekend and two WWE sources over the last two days also indicated such a match was either finalized or at least in heavy negotiations. 

We had reported on Monday night on the subscriber-only edition of Wrestling Observer Radio that serious negotiations were going on for a Lesnar vs. Goldberg match. On Twitter, Jim Ross indicated the same with more than one source.

Numerous sources have stated this is the battle plan for the show. 

Goldberg will be on ESPN SportsCenter Wednesday night to promote WWE 2K17, and is expected to at least tease the idea of the match. During Raw Monday, they teased that the announcement that Goldberg's current situation with WWE would be addressed.

It would be Goldberg's first WWE match since his WrestleMania XX match with Lesnar more than 12 years ago. Goldberg, 49, remains in great shape and has trained hard in muay thai on a regular basis for years. He was WCW's top attraction and is best remembered from that era.

He did work for one year with WWE in 2003 and early 2004 with both sides wanting out at the end of the contract which left both sides with ill will.

Since making a deal with 2K Sports, Goldberg said that he considers those issues water under the bridge and was open to working with WWE.

This would be the third time in a row that a 2K Sports signee ended up with a WWE deal following Ultimate Warrior and Sting.