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Guitar-on-a-pole match, Miz TV with Kurt Angle set for WWE Raw


In a fitting stipulation for their guitar-based feud, WWE announced today that Elias and Jason Jordan would face off in a guitar-on-a-pole match on next week's episode of Raw from the Manchester Arena.

Elias and Jordan last wrestled on television two weeks ago, with their match ending in a disqualification when Elias bruised Jordan's arm with a guitar shot. Their issues continued on last Monday's Raw as Jordan broke Elias' guitar after interrupting his musical performance.

Their angle began at TLC last month, with Jordan throwing food at Elias while he was singing after Elias interrupted a conversation that he was having with Kurt Angle on the pre-show. Jordan then defeated Elias in a match on the pay-per-view.

Also set for next week's Raw is a Miz TV segment with Kurt Angle that will open the show after Angle was confirmed as the captain of Raw's Survivor Series team last Monday.

Both Raw and SmackDown will be taped in Manchester next week as part of WWE's European tour. Jinder Mahal defending his WWE Championship against AJ Styles and Shelton Benjamin & Chad Gable challenging for The Usos' tag titles are scheduled for SmackDown.