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HHH expands on previous 50/50 booking comments


On Wednesday afternoon’s media conference call ahead of NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn II, Triple H further explained last week’s comments defending WWE’s booking.

Triple H was asked in that interview about 50/50 booking, but used WWE's success as a defense of their booking philosophies.

Much of what Triple H said then seemed to contradict the way he books NXT, but on Wednesday's conference call he noted the differences in booking NXT and main roster television given the different length of the shows.

“When you compare a one-hour show to a three-hour show from a writing and a booking standpoint it’s not even in the same stratosphere. It’s a totally different animal. “ Triple H said.

He reiterated that booking is a feel, and said he listens to both what the audience wants and what he wants to see as a fan when booking NXT.

“None of it is right and wrong, it’s chocolate, it’s vanilla, it’s all these different things that they’re different flavors, and at the end of the day the long-term success of your business and your company, and you can say what you want about it, but there’s a pretty good track record for a lot of it.” Triple H said.

Triple H said he books NXT the way he wants to book it, while the main roster programming is sometimes done differently and other times it isn't.