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HHH on Kota Ibushi's future, potential for new cruiserweight belt


As has become custom before every NXT TakeOver special, Triple H talked to the professional wrestling media on a conference call on Wednesday afternoon.

While much of the call focused on NXT and the upcoming TakeOver Brooklyn: II special this Saturday, Triple H was more than happy to talk about the Cruiserweight Classic and Raw's upcoming cruiserweight division.

Triple H said the project is something that he’s wanted to do for years. He felt that it was something that needed to happen and gives talent in that division an ability to shine that they maybe wouldn’t have gotten otherwise.

The first question of the call asked Triple H about the process of creating Raw's cruiserweight division. Triple H said Raw was the right place for the division given that it’s a three-hour show and needs more content. He said it provides something different for the lengthy show.

“We’re signing a lot of cruiserweights right now and I’m, you know, basically I’m creating a division. So, I’m going around and signing guys and I’m also keeping an eye towards the future as well, I don’t need to have every single cruiserweight right now, I just need to have a decent amount. And they will be working NXT, they will be working NXT live events, and they’ll also be working Raw as cruiserweights. The opportunity is there to do both.” Triple H said.

Kota Ibushi has been one of the cruiserweights that has earned significant praise in the CWC, and our Dave Meltzer asked about his contract status on the call.

Ibushi had insisted that he was interested in working for the WWE while continuing his work elsewhere as a freelancer, but while saying they're open to different things, Triple H seemed to reject that idea.

"I think when it comes to the cruiserweight division we're looking for something solely WWE and keeping it in-house." Triple H said.

Later in the call, Triple H was asked whether we would see a cruiserweight champion crowned on the CWC final but said we’d have to wait and see. He concluded the call by praising many of the competitors in the tournament, noting that they’ve created something special. He said that they’re still deciding what the next opportunity is.