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HHH: Two-night WM more enjoyable than eight-hour extravaganza


During his appearance on this week's edition of Corey Graves' After the Bell podcast, Paul "Triple H" Levesque was asked what the odds are of us seeing another two-night WrestleMania going forward.

Well, my opinion is my opinion, but I think it was much more enjoyable than the eight-hour extravaganza. I think at some point that is probably what it should be. It’s just become so big that it's almost -- when you think about it in a way -- it started out as a concert that ended up being a festival. And it’s this week-long thing. When you think about it in that manner now, Thursday would have been Hall of Fame. Friday was SmackDown. Saturday was going to be TakeOver. Sunday would’ve been WrestleMania. Monday would’ve been Raw. It’s a week-long festival, and I think that big main stage attraction needs to be those two nights and it be this weekend of events. And I do think that's probably a change that out of chaos comes the genius, and maybe that is the genius of it. And I know there's been people saying that for a period of time, but that’s a major shift and that doesn’t come easy.

Both nights of WrestleMania 36 featured eight-match main cards and one pre-show match. The show was originally only supposed to be one night but was changed to two when WWE's schedule was impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. WrestleMania was moved from Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida to being taped on a closed set at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando. The Undertaker and AJ Styles' boneyard match was also filmed at a different location.

Triple H was on After the Bell ahead of his 25th anniversary celebration kicking off on tomorrow's episode of SmackDown. He first joined WWE in 1995.