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Hulk Hogan returns to WWE TV at Crown Jewel


As was confirmed on Wednesday, Hulk Hogan returned to WWE television as the host of Crown Jewel.

Hogan opened the main card by cutting a promo in the ring. With WWE not mentioning "Saudi Arabia" by name, Hogan came out to "Real American," used his usual catchphrases, and talked about flying halfway across the world and finding out that the power of Hulkamania is stronger than ever at the Crown Jewel. Hogan said it was awesome to be back in WWE.

Hogan tweeted after his appearance: "It’s great to be back with my @WWE Universe family. The love and welcome from the talent and stark raving Hulkamaniacs totally blew me away brother. Only Love HH"

This was Hogan's first appearance on WWE TV since being fired by the company in 2015 when a leaked racist diatribe from 2006, which included Hogan saying the n-word multiple times and saying he was "racist, to a point," was made public. Hogan was reinstated into the WWE Hall of Fame this July and apologized to the WWE locker room during a backstage meeting at Extreme Rules.